Ramadan Momentum…

Ramadan Momentum…

Even with most of us at home and a lockdown in place this year, Ramadan still went by as fast as it usually does. It may have been different, but it came and went as it always does. This Ramadan felt like a lifeline amidst all the chaos and uncertainty in the world. Just as the pandemic reached its peak, Muslims around the world had the luxury of shifting their attention to the Blessed month that promised to be the first of it’s kind. A Ramadan without the Masjid. 

With Ramadan now behind us, we lose that focus and in many ways have to now face the reality of the ongoing pandemic. While some countries grapple with large death tolls, others are easing restrictions, where ever you are in the world, there’s one thing for sure, the world will never be the same again. Everyone speaks about things going back to normal but perhaps, our normal was wrong in the first place so we should strive to be better. Likewise, as we reminisce about Ramadan 2020, we should not be content with going back to normal. Now is the time to strive for a new normal, a better normal.

Ramadan is a great reformer but we often treat it as a season of goodness rather than a reminder of our true potential. We disrupt our routines, adjust our focus, and benefit from the Barakah for the entire month – but before Eid is over, we fall back into old habits and undo so much of what we strived to achieve. 

Make use of the Ramadan momentum and carry these blessings into the rest of the year. 

Little things, done consistently will create change. Everyone has their own Ramdan habits, their own memories, their own vices, and bad habits, change something, change one thing, stick to it and In Sha Allah, that might become the source of Barakah in your life even outside of Ramadan.

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