The seeds of Laylatul Qadr…

Children can’t fully comprehend the magnitude of Laylatul Qadr and don’t fully appreciate the fact that it is equivalent to 1000 months of worship. A child doesn’t yet understand the idea of pleasing the Almighty or earning such rewards for the hereafter so we need to make our discussions more relatable for them. 

Based on the conversations we’ve had this week, below are a few topics to help get them excited:

The magnitude of Angels that descend on the night of Qadr – more angels descend than there are grains of sand on this earth. WOW!

The majesty of Angel Jibreel who also descends on this night – a good segue into the story of revelation and the Quran.

Being able to ask Allah for anything that they want – encourage open communication with you and Allah. My heart melted when I told my 6-year-old daughter about making dua on this night and she reminded me that she makes dua with mummy every night before bed. Say Masha Allah!

The concept of Qadr and divine ordainment can also be tricky for a child to grasp so be mindful of this. By linking Qadr to dua, we can instill in them a habit of communicating with Allah and also an understanding that everything happens with His permission and by His decree. 

Bonus rewards – we should be encouraging our kids to do good deeds throughout the year but remind them of the extra points they can earn in these Blessed nights.

We came across an awesome Laylatul Qadr story this week which described the extra rewards as ‘when our parents really want us to have something, so they make it super easy for us to earn it. Like if they say, “you can have a new bike for Eid if you pick up that tissue from the floor.”‘ Love this! Check out the book here.

Kids are pure and innocent so the idea of repentance and forgiveness won’t appeal to them. 83 years or 1000 months don’t mean much to a child but by making the occasion relatable and exciting, we will plant the seeds that will one day lead to a greater appreciation for this amazing night. 

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