Friday feels…

Fridays are quite often a short and hectic day for us and I’ve found that I am usually rushing to wrap things up before Jumuah Salaah which can sometimes make me a bit edgy and frustrated.

I’ve noticed that no matter how busy my day is or how frustrated I am, the mid-day break for Jumuah is the perfect cure. There is a certain beauty in simply dropping everything to answer the call to prayer and if you really take advantage of it, Friday will change your week.

The Jumuah prayer should be the highlight of the week and not just a ritual to get done with before rushing back to work.

I am grateful that my flexible work life over the past 5 years has allowed me to maximise the Jumuah experience and has also instilled a great love for Jumuah in my son who dresses in his Friday best and excitedly inquires about which Musjid we’ll be visiting each week.

No matter the work-load or what ever is going on around me, when I’m sitting in the Musjid beside my little boy and my old man… I am at peace.

Evening connections…

When you’re away from the kids all day and you start missing the sound of their voices, think about the things you regret most at these moments. What would they be?

I think about the times I check my work email, scroll through various news feeds and catch up on the things I was too busy to do through the day. The cause of my guilt? My phone.

My solution: the evening disconnect.

Our pre-bed time unwind is now offline and more enjoyable. My phone gets a good workout throughout the day so needs a little re-charge by then anyway.

We often call out our kids on being distracted yet we are more distracted than they can ever be. Our kids deserve better, I know mine do.

The evening unwind is an important part of the daily routine and a good time to reconnect with the family. Everything else can wait.