When the Masjids closed…

When the Masjids closed…

No one anticipated such a drastic change to our way of life within a matter of a few days. We’ve had to adapt slowly but we find ourselves living very different lives suddenly. Each week brought new challenges, new changes, new restrictions. I recall the last Jumuah I prayed at the Masjid, we heard about the virus but thought nothing of it. We went on with our lives as if we were invincible and within a week, Jumuah at the Masjid became a thing of the past.

The change was gradual but it really hit home when the Masjids were closed completely. We didn’t have the privilege of praying in the Masjid at all. This hurt because it was a harsh reminder that we are not in control, that we are utterly helpless. I thought about every time I could have gone to the Masjid but succumbed to laziness, every missed opportunity, every excuse.

It was a sad and sudden realization that really put things into perspective. I am an optimist and I know, our Lord is very Merciful so I came to terms with it and I pray for many more opportunities to visit the Masjid again soon. Ameen. 

Since this is the new normal, I figured its a good idea to look for opportunities even during these strange times. In the absence of the Masjid and with such strict social restrictions, the home became the new focal point of society. Stay home, work from home, pray at home. Every home became a Masjid.

I share my reflections and some tips on praying at home with the family on the My Salah Mat blog. Check out the article here, like, share and follow for more. 

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