Sleep is for the weak… this week.

One of my fondest memories of Ramadan 2019 apart from the lack of a global pandemic was the nightly Qiyam-ul-Layl at the Slacks Creek Masjid. After Taraweeh we would head home for a break, get the kids to bed and I’d head back to the Masjid for the 10:30 PM Qiyam session. I’ve attended Qiyam programs at various Masjids over the years but what made this special was the fact that the Imam was focused more on quality than quantity.

We would pray 2 Raka’ah in just under an hour but would only cover a few pages of Quran so the recitation was slow, steady, and absolutely transcending. Prolonged Ruku and Sujood forced us to look inward, to reflect, to appreciate. 

This year we have an opportunity to create memories in our own homes. Don’t let the virus steal this from you too. These are the nights to exert ourselves. Perhaps our own recitations won’t be as captivating or melodious as our favourite Imam’s but that’s no reason to miss out on Qiyam during these Blessed nights. 

Whether from memory or holding the mus’haf, loudly or in small whispers, pray at night and make the most of these nights. For this week, sleep is truly for the weak. Not only was this a practice of the Messenger (S.A.W) during these nights, it is much needed during these chaotic times we live in. We need the dua to ease our current situation and we need the peace and tranquility to overcome the mental burden of these challenging times. 

May Allah accept our efforts and grant us the reward of Laylatul Qadr. Ameen. 

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